Wednesday, March 5, 2014

To Crucify Each Selfish Need

As Lent approaches this year, I am finding myself restless. I am feeling overwhelmed by all the responsibilities of this life (and most of them are self-imposed, mind you). I am needing a season of rest, of slowing, of listening for God's voice, seeking His direction, and being quiet at the feet of Jesus. I need to crucify my selfish needs and rely more on His leading, His grace, His power and His strength. I need to make time in His Word a priority, and be quiet before Him, waiting in anticipation for Him to speak.

Won't you join me? We may not have the same motivation, but Lent is a wonderful time to draw near to God and to wait for how He will move in you. I 'll use the next forty days to read, pray and reflect, and will share what He puts on my heart, here. It may not be daily, but I pray it will be an encouragement to you as you also crucify each selfish need in order to prioritize your relationship with Christ.

To Crucify Each Selfish Need
Words by Nannie Barnum

To crucify each selfish need,
And on the heavenly manna feed,
Is my desire;
A season spent at Jesus’ feet,
For such a life to be more meet
I do aspire.

Each idol cast from out my mind,
A priceless jewel to enshrine
Within my heart;
Nor let its radiance be confined
But shine to lighten human kind
From out the dark.

Not forty days, but year by year,
Until my Savior doth appear
In garments white.
To waken that glad Easter morn,
And to the courts of Heaven be borne
New and contrite.

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