Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Beauty of the Holy Spirit

Welcome to this week's Carnival of Beauty, celebrating the beauty of the Holy Spirit!

Join Blair at Scribblings to contemplate being filled with the Spirit and attesting that Against such things, there is no law.

Welcome Olivia to blogland! Her first post at Secret Toast focuses on the Spirit of Christ as the keeper of the treasure house of hope.

In my post, Come, Holy Spirit, I meditate on the amazing truth that God lives in us through His Holy Spirit.

I hope you are encouraged and spurred on to a closer walk with Christ through this week's Carnival of Beauty!

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Patricia said...

Sara, thank you for hosting this week. I fully intended to get an entry to you last night before the deadline, but just didn't make it. I did post this morning with links to this one and information about next week's carnival at my place on Pollywog Creek. I do hope that you will submit an entry. Blessings! Patricia